Tcat - Enterprise Tomcat server

Web application deployment

As Tomcat applications move from development to production, developers and administrators need release management tools to ensure smooth deployment and rollout, as well as to automate and simplify the application deployment process.

Tcat provides powerful capabilities for deploying applications into your Tomcat environment and simplifies the management of multiple application versions, dramatically easing the burden on administrators and minimizing risks.

Reduce manual work with one-click application deployment

Deploy a WAR file from the Tcat repository onto a server or group with one click.

Simplify application provisioning with deployment packages

Create a deployment package comprised of multiple WAR files for deployment to a server or group.

Ensure error-free deployment

Follow (tail) a Tomcat server log file remotely from the console to aid in debugging problems with applications and servers.

Reduce risk and downtime through deployment roll-back capabilities

Easily roll back applications to a previous version of the deployment (e.g., to recover to a stable state in the case of a failure)