Tcat -- Enterprise Tomcat Server

Web Application Diagnostics

With today's decoupled and connected applications, one of the most common challenges that both developers and administrators face is proactively surfacing performance issues and resolving them quickly before they seriously impact the business. Tcat features rich graphical dashboards that give administrators key performance and availability data in a central location, as well as intelligent alerts that can surface potential issues before they become serious issues.

Tcat collects a rich set of performance diagnostic information about the in-depth behavior of Tomcat and web applications, helping developers and operations staff to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems before they impact end-users. Unlike general purpose monitoring frameworks that are both expensive and complex, Tcat's performance monitoring capabilities work out-of-the box and are focused specifically for web applications running on Apache Tomcat.

Monitor your Tomcat environment with customizable dashboards

Get an at-a-glance summary of all the Tomcat instances in your environment, Web application status and performance. Sparklines of JMX and other key metrics provide trending information on those statistics across your servers from a central location.

Proactively address issues with intelligent alerts

Define alerts on Web app availability, average response time, traffic levels, custom error messages in logs and JMX metrics. Receive notifications when critical metrics cross thresholds. Integrate alerts with general purpose Network Operations Center (NOC) tools via SNMP. Receive alerts as they happen on your phone and email.

Perform in-depth diagnostics on Tomcat instances

See a summary of key system information, including current memory utilization, operating system information, information about the container, system properties and more. Drill down into specific diagnostic data such as CPU consumption by the JVM, memory statistics by memory type, and current execution states of threads.

Get a detailed view of application performance in real-time

Get all of the diagnostic data you need to pinpoint and fix application performance issues, including, average response time, number of requests, errors, and the execution status of servlets and JSPs.

Monitor in-bound traffic for capacity management

View detailed traffic information in real-time for various connectors (e.g., HTTP, AJP), and tune server capacity to meet increasing demand, optimizing the user experience and avoiding downtime.