Tcat - Enterprise Solution for Apache Tomcat

The best place to deploy your Spring applications

Deploy multiple applications across servers. Rollback bad deployments

  • View complete deployment history
  • Rollback to earlier versions
  • Deploy, undeploy and redeploy multiple applications

Configure role-based access to a set of functionality/tasks.

  • Customize roles with fine grained permissions
  • Integrate with LDAP providers e.g. Microsoft Active Directory

Set alerts to get proactively notified about issues. Get alerted on

  • Server CPU usage, memory, JMX attribute thresholds
  • Server up/down, application errors, response times
  • Log entries matching regex

An automated way to distribute files and configuration settings across multiple Tomcat instances. With a single click you can provide:

  • Uniform configuration
  • A complete file and directory structure
  • Environment variable settings

View the health of all your servers. Real-time views into:

  • Health of all servers
  • Health of all deployed applications
  • Status of each deployment
  • Alerts

Real-time insight into all your servers and their applications. No need to log into an individual server to find information. Get data and charts/graphs on

  • Server configurations, environment settings, JMX attributes, systems properties, threads, connectors, traffic and response times
  • Servlets, filters, mappings, contexts, sessions, OS and container information and much more

Easily manage multiple servers. You can:

  • Restart servers
  • Group servers and apply a uniform configuration to them

Write your own extensions to Tcat. Groovy scripting allows you to tap into fine-grained hooks and exploit the full power of Tcat.

  • Extend Tcat
  • Write and execute customized administrative tasks
  • Generate custom reports

Efficient scheduler to automate execution of scripts. You can schedule:

  • One time execution of scripts
  • Repeated execution at regular intervals

Detailed insight into user activities.

  • Searchable activity logs
  • Rich filters to narrow down search e.g. by user, date, or a regular expression