JBOSS enterprise web server vs. Tcat

The JBOSS Enterprise Web Server is a lightweight web application server product based on a modified version of Apache Tomcat.  New patches and security updates to Tomcat are are not available to JBOSS EWS users until they have been repackaged, and users switching from Tomcat to JBOSS EWS must replace their Tomcat servers with JBOSS's modified codebase.  

In contrast to this, MuleSoft's Tcat is built on 100% Apache Tomcat, with no modifications to core binaries, and operates on top of an existing Tomcat infrastructure. This means that there's no need to rip and replace, and users can start using the latest security and stability updates as soon as they are released by the Apache Tomcat team.

Another difference between the two products is JBOSS Enterprise Web Server's lack of enterprise functionalities.  While MuleSoft's Tcat offers performance diagnostics, application provisioning, visual configuration management, and reliable Tomcat restarts right out of the box, along with many other essential enterprise features, JBOSS EWS includes no built-in enterprise functionality of any kind.  

JBOSS customers who need these features must instead separately purchase and install the complex and unwieldy JBOSS Operations Network management platform.  This heavy, bloated platform was originally designed to manage the JBOSS JEE server and Enterprise SOAS Suite, not an agile Tomcat infrastructure.  By comparison, the suite of enterprise features included with Tcat is built from the ground-up to integrate seamlessly with Tomcat.

MuleSoft's Tcat vs. JBOSS enterprise web server 

 TcatJBOSS enterprise WebWhy it matters

100% Apache Tomcat compliance

Built on 100% Apache Tomcat with no modifications to the Apache distribution

Requires proprietary distribution of Tomcat from JBOSS with custom configuration

  • Proprietary solution creates vendor lock-in
  • Reduces your flexibility to upgrade to newer versions of Tomcat

Tomcat-specific diagnostics

Drill down on key performance metrics for web apps running on Tomcat

No diagnostics

With JBOSS, administrators and developers are left with no useful information to debug and diagnose problems with their web applications.

Advanced application provisioning

Group multiple WAR files and deploy them as a unit to one or more servers

No provisioning

Manual file copy is error prone and cumbersome to do across multiple Tomcat instances

Visual configuration management

Easily browse all Tomcat distribution files and define profiles to enforce configuration consistency across multiple Tomcat instances

No visual configuration

Manual config and environment management means it is error prone, repetitive and cumbersome

Reliable restarts

Reliably restart one or more Tomcat instances

Problematic restarts

Because JBOSS Enterprise web does not provide any reliable restart mechanism, it suffers from the same problems as Apache Tomcat server when it comes to restarts.