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What is a messaging queuing service?

What is a messaging queueing service? To answer this question, we need to first ask: what is a message queue?


A message refers to any data that is transferred between two applications. For example, System A may send a message to System B to perform a specific task, such as to send an email. A queue refers to an order or line of these tasks that are waiting to be handled.  messaging queueing service is the system that pushes a message into a queue by providing an asynchronous communications protocol.

An example of an asynchronous communications protocol within a messaging queueing service is email. When you send an email to a friend, for example, you can continue doing other tasks and do not need to wait for an immediate response from your friend. In other words, you (the sending system) and your friend (the receiving system) of the email (message) do not need to interface with the messaging queue simultaneously.  

Understanding the benefits of messaging queueing services

A messaging queueing service removes the overhead costs associated with managing messaging infrastructures by eliminating the need for human resources that maintain messaging infrastructures, the wasted time spent by teams who wait on resource messaging, the effort to isolate messaging resources and more.

What vendors offer messaging queueing services?

There are a myriad of vendors that offer messaging queueing services, including MuleSoft. Anypoint MQ is an enterprise-class cloud messaging services, which is fully integrated with Anypoint Platform.

Anypoint MQ supports environments, business groups, role-based access control (RBAC) to help you deliver seamless customer experiences across channels and integrate devices reliably for Internet of Things (IoT) applications with enterprise-class functionality.

Learn more about how a messaging queueing service like Anypoint MQ can help your organization send messages from and pull to queues, secure encrypt data and messages and ensure reliable message delivery.


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