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Powered by CloudHub from MuleSoft, provides a convenient web-based solution for loading data into Salesforce. is a simple, free, user-friendly cloud-based offering. With its distinct features tailored to enterprises’ needs, makes it easy to love your data loader.


Data Loading Slows Down Your Time to Live

Unfortunately, data loading is a cumbersome process. Moving data in and out of a CRM system such as is time-consuming and prevents CRM users from going live quickly. Furthermore, many other data loading solutions for, such as the Apex Data Loader, are complicated and hard to use. Even further, the major of data loaders require some sort of download, leaving room for system compatibility problems (e.g. Mac).

Time Consuming - Customer relations management (CRM) systems can be incredibly large, filled with high volumes of customer and opportunity data. Data migration, backup, synchronization, and data cleansing can take a tremendous amount of time to complete, resulting in less time focusing on streamlining core business processes for sales, marketing, and support.

cost effective integration

Costly - Migrating from another CRM system to is not an easy task. As a result, tools have been developed to help move the process along. Businesses have even been created by consultants and System Integrators who, for a fee, will complete the tasks for you. Although this seems like a great idea, using one of the third-party solutions or services can be fairly expensive for such a simple task.

maintain data integrity

Challenging - Maintaining data integrity and ensuring information isn’t lost during data migration is a challenge for anyone using a data loading tool. If the user interface is not intuitive and easy to use, mistakes can occur, the results of which could leave you with misplaced data and upset internal stakeholders. Takes The Pain Out of Data Loading was created to solve the general problem of data loading, but it does more than just that. Users can easily back up data, giving them a simple way to roll back from changing data if need be. Moreover, seamless synchronization of data keeps in sync with other systems. provides numerous benefits that most other data loaders don’t, making it the ideal choice for your data loading needs.

  • Simple UI: The easy to use interface makes an ideal choice for data loading. Users will have no problem figuring out how to import, export, or delete data. The user-friendly user interface also makes it easy to build data mappings, lookup referenced objects, apply filters, and track your 30-day history. Additionally, with intelligent keyboard shortcuts, data loading is quicker and more simple.
  • No VLOOKUP: Unlike many other data loaders, users have access to account IDs from within the integration application. There is no need to use the Excel VLOOKUP function, simply look up contacts based on name or description.
  • OAuth: To further simplify the user experience, does not require the creation of a new account. All that is needed is a account for login.  Security tokens are not required, and users can automatically sign-in with their existing credentials.
  • Unlimited Usage: There shouldn’t have to be restrictions on your data loader, so MuleSoft made sure to provide unlimited usage. allows unlimited importing and exporting into, as well as the freedom to connect to as many endpoints as desired.
  • SaaS Offering: is a free and entirely cloud based software as a service (SaaS).  There are no strings attached - no downloads, no costs, and no subscriptions. - Built-in and for The Cloud is built and managed on CloudHub, MuleSoft’s cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS), to make data loading a much easier, less time consuming, and accessible to everyone through the cloud. is just one example of an application that can be built on CloudHub, but there are also plenty of other CloudHub features to take advantage of. With CloudHub, users can perform more complex Salesforce integration and automation scenarios through easy development, deployment, and management, all from within the CloudHub interface. Connecting your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or finance application to has never been easier. With a library of connectors and customizable integration applications for connecting on-premises or SaaS-based applications, CloudHub makes seamless integration possible.

Extending connectivity to is easy with CloudHub. Because complex code is not required, building custom integrations and managing them through CloudHub is easier than ever before. CloudHub integration applications leverage pre-built connectors which provide instant API connectivity to popular ERP applications, such as SAP and ADP, allowing for automated business process across various platforms. CloudHub helps enterprises solve issues with cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-enterprise integration, social enablement, and API enablement.

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