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Anypoint DataMapper

Send data where it needs to go with just a few clicks. Connect with a single tool that delivers powerful data integration, letting you design flows and map data from an easy-to-use graphical interface.


Data Mapper

Data Mapper


Simple yet powerful graphical data mapping and transformation

  • Integrated with Anypoint Studio: Design flows and map data from a single tool

  • Dynamically discover and use application meta-data with DataSense™

  • Supports XML, JSON, CSV, POJOs, and more to help you manage the deluge of enterprise data formats

Advanced productivity features

  • Filter input data to work in smaller subsets

  • Preview capabilities to run and test maps in design-time

  • Use lookups tables to modify mappings at runtime

  • Define complex rules with Xpath or create custom functions for advanced requirements

Advanced Features


Powerful runtime

  • As high-performance, scalable and reliable as Mule ESB

  • Move millions of records between applications and data sources in batch

  • Streaming enables high performance, real-time, event-driven integration

Anypoint Datamapper

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