Benefits of certification



  • Increase your customer reach through our Technology Partner Program

  • Earn revenue from your API specs and connector, if you choose to charge a fee


  • Receive a MuleSoft certified badge for your API spec or connector

  • Get an exclusive page in Anypoint Exchange for your API spec or connector 

  • Generate leads through Anypoint Exchange


  • Be the first to learn about product updates and releases

Certification process

  1. Get started with the certification process.
    • Review the requirements for certification.
    • Create a generic id (mulesoftconnector@<yourcompany>.com) and send it to isv@mulesoft.com to receive an invitation to CAM, our certification tool.
    • Partners and developers leveraging MuleSoft's Certified Connector License Management, are required to submit the following information prior to the certification process:
      • Company name (also known as the "provider name")
      • Contact email
      • Connector name
      • Contact message
  2. Showcase your demo
    • Once we receive the above information, we will set up a meeting with you to watch a demo of how your API spec or connector works. Your demo will be reviewed by the MuleSoft ISV Partner team, a Connectors Product Manager, an Engineer, and a QA Engineer.
  3. MuleSoft review
    • The review process includes:
      • Artifact completion and accuracy.
      • Code coverage should be at minimum 80%
      • Connector and documentation: API doc and user guide review.
      • Demo apps execution.
      • Compatibility with Anypoint Platform.
      • Open source license usage compliance, if pertinent.
      • Build MUnit test Cases to improve code coverage 

* Please note that if your connector or API specification has been reviewed twice and does not pass the review process, your connector or API specification will be moved to the bottom of the queue.

Resources for connector development

  1. Get started with Anypoint Platform.
  2. New to Anypoint Connector Development? Use our Rest SDK framework

Rest SDK

CompatibilityMule 4.x, Studio 7.x, and Anypoint Design Center’s Flow Designer
ResourcesVideo: Build MuleSoft Connectors Fast, Blog: How to build a connector fast and share with 6000+ Organizations
ForumConnector/SDK Forum
  1. Get your development environment ready

Start developing a custom connector:

Start developing an API specification: