Connector certification

Embed your connector into MuleSoft’s ecosystem by submitting it for certification. With your MuleSoft Certified Connector, instantly enable enterprise accounts and become a crucial part of MuleSoft’s enterprise deployments.


Connector certification program

Explore MuleSoft's connector development program, which guides you through the process of building, certifying and marketing your connector. Once certified, your MuleSoft Certified Connector will be available through the Anypoint Exchange for discovery and use by MuleSoft's ecosystem! 

Read through the tabs to find resources to help you through the process.

Benefits of certification



  • Referrals from MuleSoft

  • Revenue from your connector, if you choose to require a fee


  • MuleSoft will take Tier 1 Support


  • MuleSoft Certified badge for your connector

  • Page for your connector in Anypoint Exchange

  • Lead generation through Anypoint Exchange

  • Featured in Anypoint Exchange Newsletter


  • Be among the first to learn about MuleSoft product updates and releases

Certification process

1. Review the requirements for certification


2. Understand the certification process


3. Certification checklist

Complete the certification checklist to ensure your connector is ready for review.
  • Certified Connector Partner Agreement

  • Documentation

  • Release Notes

  • Demo Samples

  • Marketing information


4. Submit your connector for the certification

Fill out the connector certification request form. Note, you will have the ability to edit the form after submitting it.


5. Demo

Once all required information is received, MuleSoft will set up a meeting with you to demo the connector. Those in attendance from MuleSoft will include product managers, engineers and QA members.


6. MuleSoft review

Once the demo is completed, MuleSoft will begin reviewing the connector. The following will be completed during the review:
  • Security Review: Review with Mule v3.7 and sandbox credentials.

  • Artifacts: Completion and accuracy of all artifacts

  • Connector and documentation review: ApiDoc & user guide review

  • Rigorous tests on ESB and CloudHub

  • Demo projects execution

  • Open source license usage compliance, if pertinent

* Please note that if your connector has been reviewed twice and does not pass the review process, your connector will be moved to the bottom of the queue.

Submit your connector for certification

Ready to get your connector certified? Fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP.


For questions, please email us at or fill out the form below.

For questions about DevKit, visit the DevKit forum.

Resources for connector development

1. Getting your development environment ready

2. New to MuleSoft?

Learn the Mule fundamentals.


3. New to DevKit?

DevKit enables you to develop a connector for Anypoint Platform. It is offered as a plugin to Anypoint Studio, MuleSoft's eclipse-based integrated development environment.


4. Review examples


5. Training course