Accelerating UK government IT innovation

How APIs and microservices transform citizen experiences

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United Kingdom (U.K.) citizens expect fast, connected, and seamless experiences. Government bodies face a growing delta between citizen’s expectations of experience and the reality of how quickly they can deliver now that sophisticated private sector customer experiences are the new standard. Legacy IT stacks, budgetary constraints, and inflexible core systems are only a few of the hurdles government face to overcome the digital transformation imperative.

By moving beyond point-to-point integration and embracing reusable microservices, government can increase the speed of delivery without compromising security.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why U.K. government must move beyond point-to-point integration.
  • How API-led connectivity support microservices adoption in government.
  • How government IT teams can use MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to better execute against their digital transformation agenda.