Top 5 API Security Best Practices

How to secure your digital estate

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IT teams have been tasked with securing their organization’s digital estate while dealing with shrinking budgets and more projects. IT leaders must balance the impossible task of ensuring every API is secure without sacrificing time. And there is a lot at stake if security is not taken seriously.

Customer trust is slow to build and quick to lose — one data breach is all it takes to lose even the most loyal customer potentially. This means employing a comprehensive API security strategy is necessary and not a luxury for IT teams and it needs to be done now. After all, your digital estate is only as secure as your weakest potential entry point for bad actors.

There are two challenges that stand in the way of API security efforts:

  • API Sprawl: A drastic increase in the number of APIs has resulted in less visibility of the APIs in your digital estate. The result is challenging to manage and dramatically increases bad actors' opportunities to take advantage.
  • API Standardization: There are five fundamental steps to work through when developing your API security strategy.

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In this whitepaper, we’ll cover IT teams' challenges when enforcing API security measures. We’ll also cover the five core steps to combat these challenges, guide your organization to develop a comprehensive API security strategy, and demonstrate why your strategy must be developed as soon as possible.

  • API Protection: Go beyond authentication by defining permissions and controlling how much access an individual has when they access an API.
  • API Governance: IT teams must proactively approach API security through standardization.
  • API Data Security: By controlling what data is accessible within an API, IT teams can employ an additional layer of protection by ensuring that the API does not release all data to every user that accesses it.
  • API Discovery: Shadow APIs lurk just outside of sight, and IT teams can’t secure what you can’t find.
  • API Security Testing: the ongoing testing to identify APIs vulnerabilities.

MuleSoft is uniquely equipped to help IT teams with each of these steps and is ready to help. Start securing your APIs and create your API security strategy.