Anypoint Exchange

Anypoint Exchange is home to integration best practices with comprehensive assets and features that allow you to:

  • Find and access hundreds of connectors, templates, examples and RAMLs

  • Publish and market your own connectors

  • Add assets (connectors, design patterns, etc.) that private to your organization

Anypoint Exchange

Anypoint Exchange

How do I access Anypoint Exchange?

You can access the Exchange by:

  • Visiting mulesoft.com/exchange

  • Logging into anypoint.mulesoft.com, and clicking on Exchange in the toolbar

  • Clicking the below icon in the Anypoint Studio toolbar

What can I find in Anypoint Exchange?

You can find the complete listing of connectors, templates, examples and RAMLs for Anypoint Platform.

  • Connectors refer to either application connectors or generic connectors.

    • Application connectors provide packaged connectivity to a particular application.

    • Generic connectors include transport, database and protocol connectors (e.g. Database, HTTP, File, FTP, SMTP) that can be used to connect to any application.

  • Templates are packaged integration patterns that address common use cases, built on best practices.

  • Examples provide a step-by-step guide on accomplishing tasks or leveraging features within Anypoint Studio.

  • RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) is a simple and succinct way of describing practically-RESTful APIs. When leveraged with the HTTP Connector, RAMLs provide quick connectivity to REST APIs.

How do I add assets to Anypoint Exchange that are private to my organization?

A step-by-step guide on setting up your organization’s Anypoint Exchange can be found here. For a demo of the set-up process, check out the Anypoint Exchange webinar.

Anypoint Connectors

Anypoint Connectors

Can I trust Community Connectors?

Yes, all connectors that are in Anypoint Exchange have been thoroughly tested and security reviewed.


How do I install connectors?

To install a connector, open Anypoint Studio, and click on the following button to open Anypoint Exchange:

Search for the connector you are looking for and download the connector version.

For Premium connectors, the connector can be used for development purposes within Anypoint Studio. Additional license entitlements are required to use the connector on the Mule runtime on a pre-production environment or a production environment. Please contact your sales representative or info@mulesoft.com for more information.

For partner-developed Community Connectors or MuleSoft Certified Connectors requiring a fee, please contact the partner directly.


Who provides support for my connectors?

For all MuleSoft connectors, please contact MuleSoft’s support. For partner-developed connectors, please contact the partner directly and their information is available on the connector page in the Exchange.


What is the difference between the levels of connectors in Anypoint Exchange?


Security Review

MuleSoft Review


Community Connectors
By Anyone

Support policy

Select Connectors
By MuleSoft

Support policy

Premium Connectors
By MuleSoft

Support policy

Certified Connectors
By MuleSoft

Full support by

Connector certification

Where can I find more information about the connector development program?

Visit this page for more information on the program.