Reinventing an industry with first-class APIs
With postal services struggling, this carrier reinvented the industry by monetizing data and delivering mobile services with an API-first strategy.

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An API-led approach leads to new revenue channels and engagement

Postal services around the world are at a turning point. The traditional postal service model of receiving and carrying physical mail has seen a large decline in numbers as people have come to rely more heavily on electronic delivery. In the last seven years, this national postal service has seen more than a 30% drop in letter volume and has reduced mail carriage on the basis of declining demand from six days a week to three. Unfortunately, the struggles of postal services to keep up with the pace of change are global. The U.S. Postal Service has had difficulty in the last several years to generate profits and has struggled to update a model that employs three of the 10 “fastest-shrinking” professions, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics early this year.

How has this national postal service decided to address the pressing challenge to evolve or become less relevant? With a rich, 170-year history of delivering mail – our messages and data in physical form – they will now deliver messages and data on a much grander scale, aided by the electronic devices that have threatened to make their traditional model obsolete. The state-owned postal service, part of a larger business conglomerate, has embraced innovation in one of today’s most important and dynamic forms: the API. By using APIs, this national postal service can monetize their valuable demographics data through new business services, offering an important growth channel in a rapidly shrinking market.

Aside from the ability to share data with partners, customers and developers, APIs give this government entity the ability to tap into their own developers and the community of 3rd party app developers to enhance customer-facing apps by building on top of them. And with this new postal-service-of-now model, the national postal service can take advantage of a new and seemingly limitless ability to innovate. 

In MuleSoft, this national postal service found the right solution. With the Anypoint platform for APIs, they had all of the capabilities required to achieve their business transformation, in a single, coherent solution.

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Company profile

Annual Revenue
$121 million


  • Launch new products to grow in shrinking market
  • Deliver rapid success to secure future investment
  • Establish a digital initiative to a new business model


  • Anypoint Platform for APIs as backbone of digital initiative
  • RAML and design-first ensure great APX and developer adoption

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