How to unlock a data-driven government with APIs

How to unlock a data-driven government with APIs

Public sector organizations are leveraging predictive analytics to unlock data-driven decision-making for disaster response, pandemic coordination, and infrastructure optimization. With traditional integration methods hindering the progression of streaming and real-time analytics, agencies need to implement an architecture to securely leverage data as a strategic asset. With MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity approach, agencies can quickly unlock the power of their data to accelerate data delivery, implement integrated, automated data orchestration, and democratize access to insights.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how MuleSoft is helping government agencies leverage APIs and analytics to better respond to crises and automate day-to-day tasks
  • See a demo on how the combined power of MuleSoft and Tableau can help combat the opioid epidemic
  • Hear from Scott Rogillio, Director of Applications at Texas Department of Transportation, on how TxDOT is accelerating agility and innovation with API-led integration.

Want to learn how to drive digital transformation in government? Check out this whitepaper to discover best practices for an API-led architecture in government.

Presented by:

Scott Rogillio, Director of Applications, Texas Department of Transportation
Linda Su, Global Public Sector Strategy & Marketing Lead, MuleSoft
Jude Boyle, Head of AMER Public Sector - Sales, MuleSoft
Shad Imam, Head of AMER Public Sector - Solutions Engineering, MuleSoft
Vasif Shaikh, Lead Solution Engineer, MuleSoft
Shivakumar Gokaram, Principal Solution Engineer, MuleSoft
Benjamin Goodman, Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau
Shah Gill, Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

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