Customer Spotlight: Welsh Water

Customer Spotlight: Welsh Water

Part of the MuleSoft Customer Spotlight series

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About Welsh Water

Since 2001, Welsh Water has been owned, financed, and managed by Glas Cymru. Unique in the water and sewerage sector, Glas Cymru is a company limited by guarantee and as such has no shareholders.

The Glas Cymru business model aims to reduce Welsh Water’s asset financing cost, the water industry's single biggest cost.

Welsh Water is the sixth-largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales. Responsible for providing over three million people with a continuous, high-quality supply of drinking water and for taking away, treating, and properly disposing of the wastewater that is produced, Welsh Water is fully committed to delivering the best quality service at least possible cost.

Presented by:

Kit Wilson, Head of Transformation, Welsh Water

Abbi Ravi-Raj, Customer Success Manager, MuleSoft

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