Customer Spotlight: Idaho Central Credit Union

Customer Spotlight: Idaho Central Credit Union

Part of MuleSoft's Customer Spotlight Series

Businesses are experiencing a generational shift in competitive and operational environments due to a convergence of technological, social, and economic forces. Two characteristics are emerging as the key factors that determine a company’s success: speed and adaptability.

API-led connectivity is the integration approach for connecting and exposing assets that will provide the speed organizations are looking for. With this approach, companies can deliver today’s projects faster than ever before while also building an infrastructure to increase productivity on future projects and an enterprise-ready for change.

Hear from one of our customers, Idaho Central Credit Union, about how MuleSoft has helped them achieve just that. Idaho Central is the premier credit union that offers full-service locations throughout Idaho. While growth is vital to their success, they remain focused on their mission, “Helping members achieve financial success.”

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    Presented by:

    Wayne Hartman, Principal Software Architect, Idaho Central Credit Union

    James Salem, Senior Customer Success Manager, MuleSoft

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