Customer Spotlight: Databricks

Customer Spotlight: Databricks

In this time of tremendous global challenge and continued transformation, we want to help our customers stay connected. We've created the Customer Spotlight series for technologists, executives, and those in between.

Join us for this spotlight with Mike Hamilton, Vice President - Head of Information Technology at Databricks, where we discuss the limitations of tactical integration tools and why they inevitably accelerate the accumulation of technical debt. During this session, Mike will speak to how MuleSoft’s enterprise-grade platform has enabled Databricks the flexibility to rapidly execute on use-cases such as Quote to Cash, Microservices Development, Maintaining Regulatory Compliance Standards in preparation for an IPO, and much more.

The goal of this session is to provide you with insights into:

  • How tactical integration tools brand themselves and why they inevitably create more challenges for IT leaders than they solve.
  • How adopting an API-Led Connectivity Model enables IT leaders to rapidly respond to the evolving customer preferences
  • How MuleSoft allows Databricks to have a strategic data model and approach to drive standardization and scalability
  • Walk away with actionable insights on how to drive the same business benefits as Databricks by modeling an API-first approach within your enterprise architecture
Presented by:

Mike Hamilton, Vice President - Head of InformationTechnology, Databricks
Paul Gabriel, Regional Sales Director, MuleSoft

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