Customer Spotlight: Cisco Meraki

Customer Spotlight: Cisco Meraki

In this time of tremendous global challenge and continued transformation, we want to help our customers stay connected. We've created the Customer Spotlight series for technologists, executives, and those in between.

Watch this spotlight with Mircea Solomon, Senior Salesforce Engineer and Bob Bach, Technical Project Manager from Cisco Meraki where we will discuss how Cisco Meraki has leveraged APIs to digitally transform, innovate, and deliver new, cutting edge services to its customers and stakeholders.

During this session, you'll learn how Cisco Meraki:

  • Reduces the complexity of systems involved in the sales process, from 6 technology platforms to 2
  • Integrates with Slack for real-time deal monitoring for the sales team
  • Creates an integration dashboard to share with internal stakeholders on the requests throughput and on the outbound response time
  • Reduces the deal routing support cases by 37%, saving 641+ support hours Year-over-Year
Presented by:

Mircea Solomon, Senior Salesforce Engineer, Cisco Meraki
Bob Bach, Technical Project Manager, Cisco Meraki
Joe Ferrante, Customer Success Director, MuleSoft

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