Customer Spotlight: Abcam

Customer Spotlight: Abcam

Part of MuleSoft's Customer Spotlight series

Welcome to the MuleSoft Customer Spotlight Series, a platform for technologists, executives, and those in between to hear from some of our most visionary customers.

Join this spotlight to learn: 

  • How Abcam's C4E enabled not just central IT, but the wider business to innovate and drive projects forward quickly and effectively.
  • How to demonstrate the value of integration to stakeholders 
  • How API-led integration has encompassed Abcam's entire organiation, from paying their employees to warehouse management.

About Abcam

Abcam is a global life science company supporting customers at the forefront of life science research. Their innovative products are used by hundreds of thousands of scientists worldwide.

Abcam is at the forefront of providing sustainable and reliable proteomic tools to the life science community. Their portfolio of off-the-shelf products and customized solutions are designed to perform consistently – on the first time, every time.

Abcam's award-winning validated antibodies help scientists to save time and valuable resources, ensuring reproducible results and reliable scientific insights.

Presented by:

Dan Garlick, Director of Digital Platforms, Abcam

Nicola Wilson, Account Executive, MuleSoft

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