Leverage Customer 360 & MuleSoft to extend data capabilities

Leverage Customer 360 & MuleSoft to extend data capabilities

In this webinar co-hosted by MuleSoft and Slalom, we'll explore how to get more from your Salesforce, Tableau, and AWS investments.

With MuleSoft and Salesforce Customer 360, you can integrate data from any system to deliver personalized and relevant customer experiences and stay connected with customers. In this executive roundtable, hear how the team at Slalom uses MuleSoft and Customer 360 to extend their capabilities with Salesforce, Tableau, and AWS.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • How you can leverage MuleSoft to connect to Customer 360 and omnichannel initiatives
  • Ways MuleSoft helps you maximize investments in Salesforce, AWS, and Tableau
  • Best practices for an API-led approach for implementation
  • How to put it all in action with examples from businesses like yours
Presented by:
  • Prashant Joshi, Principal Solution Engineer at MuleSoft
  • Rahul Pahuja, Slalom MuleSoft Practice Lead at Slalom
  • Ishmeet Singh, VP of Customer Success at MuleSoft

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