MuleSoft Composer & RPA Partner Updates

MuleSoft Composer & RPA Partner Updates

Join us on the 25th May to hear the latest product updates & roadmap for MuleSoft Composer and to learn how Composer and our soon-to-be-released MuleSoft RPA will create a new market differentiation for MuleSoft in the “hyperautomation” category.

In this session, we will cover:

  • What is “hyperautomation” and what is MuleSoft’s strategy for automation
  • What is MuleSoft RPA
  • Why MuleSoft Partners should care about MuleSoft Automation
  • Recent product updates for MuleSoft Composer and new feature timelines
  • How to get enabled on MuleSoft Composer & ready for the launch of MuleSoft RPA

MuleSoft Composer is the fastest and easiest way for business teams to connect their apps and data, empowering everyone in the business to automate with clicks, not code. As the business is enabled to innovate with Composer, IT will be enabled to fuel that innovation, by leveraging Anypoint Platform to provide assets to these teams, as well as the monitoring and governance required for today’s complex operating environment.

MuleSoft RPA automates manual, repetitive tasks and workflows with reusable, personalized bots, allowing business teams to achieve process automation. Seamlessly integrated with Anypoint, Composer, and Salesforce C360, MuleSoft RPA enables end-to-end automation with unified solutions for integration, API management, and automation.

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