MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD) Exam Prep and Product Review

MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD) Exam Prep and Product Review

A Partner Enablement Webinar

MuleSoft is the fastest growing cloud at Salesforce and has been experiencing explosive growth since its acquisition in 2018. Not surprising, integration is the foundation for digital transformation. But, we are only at the start of this journey and you are a big part of that rapidly expanding marketplace.

Watch this MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD) exam preparation and product overview. Here we'll go through a few sample exam questions and explain the reasoning and logic behind the answers by understanding product uses and case studies. We'll also provide some helpful tips and insights to help you gain the knowledge you need to pass the MCD Exam. Lastly, this session is particularly helpful to those supporting sales and the technical validation of opportunities.

Who should watch?

  • Those who have completed the MCD - Level 1 / Development Fundamentals (Mule 4) course but have not taken the exam or did not pass the exam
  • Those with expired or expiring MCD - Level 1 (Mule 3 or 4) certification
  • Those with an existing MCD exam already scheduled
Presented by:

Darwin Singson, Sr. Manager, Partner Enablement, MuleSoft
Greg Smith, Principal Channel Solutions Engineer, MuleSoft
Angie Long, Sr. MuleSoft Training Advisor, MuleSoft

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