Intro to Government Cloud: FedRAMP compliant cloud-based integration

Intro to Government Cloud: FedRAMP compliant cloud-based integration

While a growing number of government-adopted applications are in the cloud, the underlying technologies connecting these applications are still based on-premise. MuleSoft is excited to introduce Government Cloud, the industry-leading FedRAMP-authorized environment for cloud-based integration. In this live demo, we’ll walk through the latest Anypoint Platform features included in the Government Cloud environment, as well as best practices to get started.

In this webinar with a live Q&A, we’ll cover:

  • Top integration use cases in government IT.
  • How government IT can solve common outdated middleware challenges with Government Cloud.
  • A demo of our new Government Cloud and additional benefits when deploying, managing and monitoring APIs and integrations from a FedRAMP secure environment.
Presented by:

Kevin Flanagan, Healthcare and Public Sector Marketing Lead, MuleSoft

Shad Imam, Director of Solution Engineering, Federal, MuleSoft

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