Using APIs for eCommerce cross-platform integration

Using APIs for eCommerce cross-platform integration

eCommerce has now become an extension of every store's brand. Today, 8 out of 10 eCommerce projects fail due to lengthy development cycles, fragmentation of systems and lack of a resilient platform.

To deliver a reliable and connected eCommerce experience more quickly, companies must adopt a new approach to eCommerce — one that involves APIs.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Take an API-led approach to eCommerce enables companies to connect with eCommerce systems such as SAP Hybris and Salesforce Commerce Cloud 2.5x faster.
  • Scale across brands, regions and channels 4x faster by enabling line-of-business IT teams to self serve.
  • Build an available, reliable and scalable platform to meet uncertain and variable demands in traffic.
Presented by:
Allegra Margolis, Industry Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
Alex Mark, Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft
Anthony Chaseendran, Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft

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