Digital-ready architecture: Legacy modernization with UIA insurance

Digital-ready architecture: Legacy modernization with UIA insurance

How do you modernize a pricing change process and reduce time to completion from 45 days, to just 1 day? UIA Mutual Insurance, one of the UK's leading mutual insurers, achieved just that by modernizing legacy systems and automating their whole claims process. As a provider of insurance to trade union members and their families for over 125 years, that is no small feat with many embedded systems and processes to unpick.

Hear from Jason Reaney, IT Director at UIA Mutual Insurance and Shariq Imam, Senior Business Manager at Espire, to understand how UIA decoupled their architecture and has begun to digitize the customer journey. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Get insights on how to build and design a compelling digital customer journey while offering a 360 degree customer view
  • Understand how API-led approach for legacy modernization is powering the insurance sector, leveraging MuleSoft
  • Explore the key strategies involved in building a robust business ecosystem
Presented by:
Jason Reaney, IT Director, UIA Insurance
Jerome Bugnet, Client Architect, MuleSoft
Shariq Imam, Senior Business Manager, Espire

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