How insurance compares: Benchmarking digital and API best practice

How insurance compares: Benchmarking digital and API best practice

The Insurance industry is risk-averse by its very nature. However, with a 10x increase in Insurance technology investment between 2010-2015, is the industry about to push through its own digital revolution?

Hear from Tony Cassin-Scott, Insurance Data, Digital and IT Strategist, and Jerome Bugnet, Insurance API Specialist, MuleSoft, for a webinar as they discuss how the world’s most progressive insurers are embracing digital transformation and how this compares against their peers in other industries. 

It will cover:

  • The latest developments in Insurance technology investment and the trends to watch
  • How other industries have transformed and where insurers could learn from best practice 
  • The transformational nature of technologies such as APIs and application networks which could help to realize game-changing propositions today, such as Insurance as a Platform
Presented by:
Tony Cassin-Scott, Insurance Data, Digital and IT Strategist
Jerome Bugnet, Insurance API Specialist, MuleSoft

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