Accelerating innovation with MuleSoft Catalyst for Healthcare

Accelerating innovation with MuleSoft Catalyst for Healthcare

Learn how MuleSoft and Deloitte are accelerating healthcare digital transformation for providers, payers and life sciences companies with packaged solutions for common use-cases.

Building off best practices from working with leaders in provider, payer and life sciences, MuleSoft is excited to launch our catalyst for healthcare, a set of productized assets that accelerates development for the most common integration use cases in healthcare.

Deloitte will highlight how it's Care Connect and Member Connect solutions, built on top of the MuleSoft platform, help address mission-critical strategic initiatives for hospitals, health systems and payers

Attendees will learn:

  • How healthcare organizations can use MuleSoft's prebuilt FHIR APIs to accelerate project delivery.
  • Why FHIR APIs on their own are not enough to support digital transformation in healthcare and what else is needed to drive success.
  • What architectural approaches have been used by leading healthcare organizations to increase agility.
Presented by:
Matt Serna, Healthcare Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
Sunil Venkataram, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Anton Kravchenko, Technical Product Manager, MuleSoft

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