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Increase the Power of Learning Management Systems with Integration

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors provide valuable online resources for learning, development, and collaboration. A robust LMS is capable of handling instructional content, managing registration and payments, automating emails, and tracking user progress through training content. As these technologies see increased adoption, SaaS providers of LMS solutions can extend their offering by adding additional capabilities through SaaS integration.

Providing cloud integration as a part of their service allows online learning management systems like Blackboard or Training Rocket to drive new business. Without integration included in the LMS application, users must manually integrate systems, spending time, money, and resources to do so. Learning management systems providers can harness cloud integration to streamline and automate many critical business processes, focusing on driving new business and less on the challenges of integration. Moreover, LMS users can create integrations using APIs of other applications and services in order to streamline onboarding processes, measure and track audience engagement, synchronize data between LMS and other collaboration, CRM, mobile, and social apps. By offering integration as a part of their services, LMS providers are able to expand their addressable market, focus on their core competency, increase MRR, lower customer churn, and accelerate time to value.


LMS Integration Challenge

Integration and reporting remain an issue for learning management systems. According to a survey conducted by Expertus Inc. and, learning professionals using LMS applications have, in more than one study, described experiencing difficulties with reporting and integration. Moreover, as many as 25% of professionals claim that learners face challenges with overcoming poor usability. Additionally, general IT issues and navigating course resources was also difficult for LMS users.

Learning management system providers face the problem of maintaining and integrating numerous applications and services efficiently. One study shows that integration has evolved into an executive level concern. Nearly 94% of respondents consider SaaS integration to be a top concern. Additionally, 90% of those surveyed claim integration to be the number one challenge when working with other SaaS applications, making it difficult to establish relationships. Moreover, 20% of those who took the survey stated that they are unsatisfied with their current integration solutions. Without an effective integration platform in place, integration becomes a great sales hurdle to overcome.

To manage integrations, many SaaS providers have turned to custom integration. Custom integration requires developers with broad domain expertise, as each application that a company needs to connect to differs greatly. Implementing point-to-point integrations requires a thorough understanding of the applications that have been integrated. This method unfortunately becomes increasingly complex, fragile, and difficult to maintain over time.

CloudHub - a Robust LMS Integration Solution

MuleSoft offers CloudHub, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), to take on the challenges of SaaS integration. Leveraging CloudHub allows LMS SaaS vendors to create connectivity between various applications and services, enabling seamless sharing of data. With Anypoint™ Connectors and easy to configure integration apps, SaaS providers can easily connect applications on-premises or in the cloud. Anypoint Connectors create instant API connectivity to a wide range of popular applications. Customizable integration apps automate popular business processes such as data loading and employee onboarding for LMS users. Integration apps make sharing data between LMS, CRM, payment services, and email automation services simple, eliminating the need for manual processes.

LMS providers can utilize a powerful platform to easily create connectivity and simplify the online learning experience. With real-time updates, users can be on the same page at all times, making it easy to collaborate on forums and share resources instantly. Moreover, accessibility on mobile platforms provides flexibility and convenience for users. Additionally, integration with email automation software provides users instant notifications wherever they may be. Instant messaging service integration provides further connectivity for users, giving LMS SaaS providers a leg up on the competition.

Partner With MuleSoft to Drive New Business

LMS SaaS providers can collaborate with MuleSoft through the MuleSoft SaaS Partner Program to offer integration as a part of their service. Contact us to learn more.