Mule Enterprise Management

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Mule Enterprise Management

Mule Enterprise Management enables granular management of ESB resources such as servers, flows and end-points. Reduce risk and optimize performance with operational control of your infrastructure and in-depth visibility into production environments.


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Manage deployments from a single interface

  • Operational Dashboard: Get a single view of everything occurring across multiple Mule instances

  • Deployment Manager: Remotely provision applications to a group of Mule servers or clusters with a few clicks, and quickly roll back if necessary

  • Integrated Application Repository: Store applications in a central repository to enable collaboration between development and operations

Drive productivity higher with API-driven processes

  • Runtime management agent: Manage Mule ESB instances with APIs or publish details to third party systems like Zabbix
  • Full SDLC support: Plug into existing continuous integration processes and tools like Jenkins
  • Extensible framework: Easily create new agent services and publishers. Dynamically configure them at runtime

Proactively detect and resolve issues

  • SLA Alerts: Receive early warning of potential system problems before they occur

  • Monitoring framework integration: Integrate with your existing monitoring framework or escalate alerts via email or SNMP

  • Runtimer Performance Manager: Tune Mule to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize performance

Control at every level

  • Role-based Access Control: Maintain system security by assigning the right permissions to development and operations

  • ESB Remote Control: Start, stop, and restart ESB resources individually at the cluster, server, service, and end-point levels

  • Task Scheduler: Schedule and automate common management tasks in advance

Mule Enterprise Management

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