Solutions for SaaS integration

Accelerate innovation with API-led connectivity

Anypoint Platform™ for SaaS

Connect SaaS applications with each other and to on-premises systems. Anypoint Platform’s hybrid architecture allows data to quickly flow where and when it’s needed, providing a complete view of customers, streamlined processes and a faster time to market for new applications.

Unique benefits of SaaS integration

Unified connectivity

The only connectivity platform across SOA, SaaS and APIs for needs ranging from simple connections between SaaS applications to advanced connectivity across the entire enterprise.

Lowest friction

The platform for speed and productivity with a highly flexible design environment, a catalog of pre-built connectors, and popular developer-friendly tools.

Hybrid ready

The platform that lets you design simple SaaS connections or enterprise grade integrations and run them anywhere - on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of a button.