Anypoint Integration Manager

Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Integration Manager

A unified suite of management capabilities that enables granular control of Anypoint Platform resources such as servers, applications, and gateways. Reduce risk and optimize performance with operational control of your hybrid infrastructure and in-depth visibility into production environments.

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Manage hybrid deployments

Manage hybrid deployments from a single interface

  • Get a single view of everything occurring across multiple Mule instances, on-premises or in the cloud

  • Remotely provision applications to a group of Mule servers with a few clicks, and quickly roll back if necessary

  • Deploy and manage runtime infrastructure automatically with plugins and runtime APIs

Deep insight and governance into your APIs and integrations

  • Get full visibility into API metrics, message traffic and back end integrations
  • Control access to Mule resources based on roles defined globally or per organization
  • Easily integrate with existing identity management infrastructure: Ping Identity, Open AM, or LDAP
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Deliver security, reliability and availability with ease

  • Encrypt data at rest and ensure security and regulatory compliance

  • Persist messages in zero message loss, distributed architectures on premises or in the cloud

  • Virtual Private Cloud configuration secures access in hybrid cloud architecture

Control at every level

  • Role-based Access Control: Maintain system security by assigning the right permissions to development and operations

  • ESB Remote Control: Start, stop, and restart ESB resources individually at the cluster, server, service, and end-point levels

  • Task Scheduler: Schedule and automate common management tasks in advance

Mule Enterprise Management

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