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What you can do with MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce

Enrich your 360-degree customer view by empowering your Salesforce admins with a no-code solution for quickly unlocking data, connecting apps, and automating integrations to boost productivity.

  • Build integrations easily with clicks, not code — all inside Salesforce
  • Hit the ground running with a library of connectors and templates
  • Preview as you build connections and design with real data
  • Monitor any errors with automatic alerts

Build integrations in Salesforce

No more waiting for development resources to complete your high priority projects. Create integrations and logic with a few simple clicks directly inside of Salesforce, no coding required.

Get started in minutes

Jumpstart projects with a library of connectors that enable you to build integrations and create a single view of your customer faster.

Design with a real data preview 

Unlock data silos and build integrations between your apps and Salesforce with confidence by verifying you are pulling the right data via a real-time data preview.

Monitor with peace of mind

Enjoy built-in monitoring for all your integrations and get automatic error alerts so your team can quickly identify and resolve issues.