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The tools you need to dramatically simplify API design

Design API specifications

Create and document APIs using a web-based interface. Generate API specs easily in OAS/RAML/AsyncAPI. Use a mocking service to test and validate APIs.

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Build integration flows

Move, synchronize, or modify data with a visual interface. Use auto-populated assets to transform data with a machine learning automapper.

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Connect APIs and integrations

Build, test, and debug APIs and integrations graphically or in XML. Transform and map complex data, and build custom connectors.

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What you can do with Anypoint Design Center

MuleSoft design center design APIs rapidly

Design APIs rapidly

Generate API specs in OAS,RAML or AsyncAPI specifications automatically by simply defining the right response for the resource in a web-based editor. Reuse data models and security schemas in the form of API fragments and generate documentation simultaneously. Publish your APIs to Anypoint Exchange for discovery and reuse with a single click.

Connect to any system

Integrate systems using a web interface or a desktop IDE. Leverage out-of-the-box connectors or build your own with our SDK. Discover and fix errors when designing with visual error handling.

MuleSoft design center connect to any system
MuleSoft design center map your data in real-time

Map your data in real-time

Query, normalize, and transform any type or amount of data in real-time using DataWeave, our expression language. Accelerate data mapping by using machine learning-based recommendations.

Test and deploy applications

Test integrations using MUnit, the unit and integrated testing framework for Mule. Automate tests locally or in continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) environments. Deploy applications with a single click.

MuleSoft design center test and deploy applications

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API Designer in action

Learn why API design is easier with mocked data, prototyping, and more


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