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Reliable custom connector significantly simplifies process of system integration and means a serious advantage for the interoperability of businesses and their growth. We build connectors with all of the following in mind:

  • Enterprise grade quality, including certification (if required)
  • Focus on ease of use
  • Optimal coverage of target system features with required metadata
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • APIDocs, User Guide
  • Compliance with high security and access control standards
  • Thorough quality control
  • Unit, integration and acceptance test coverage
  • Long term support and maintenance
  • Keeping up with Mule runtime updates

Our certified Atlassian JIRA REST Connector is one of the most downloaded connectors in the Anypoint Exchange. We have collaborated on implementation of majority of integration templates you can find in Anypoint Exchange including Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics and many other and we have worked on implementation of Anypoint Solution catalysts for various industry verticals including Healthcare, Finance and Retail. We utilize all the gathered experience in development of connectors.

Company overview

Proven long term partner of global industry leaders as well as booster of young creative startups. Custom development, integration, outsourcing. Our business has grown from personal references by our satisfied clients and we are very proud of it.