Big data’s velocity and variety challenges

Achieving high-velocity data handling and high-variety data integration

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Big Data is becoming mainstream, and your company wants to realize value from high-velocity, -variety and -volume data. However, building modern big data integration solutions can be challenging due to legacy data integration models, skill gaps and Hadoop’s inherent lack of real-time query and processing capabilities.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ helps enable event-based real-time big data capture, ingestion and processing, and easy integration of NoSQL databases into your broader IT architecture.

Discover how to tackle velocity and variety challenges:

  • Understand benefits of real-time in some big data use cases
  • Rethink embedded device integration at the edge of IoT
  • Learn how new technologies, such as Kafka and Storm, and NoSQL databases can help you create modern big data flows
  • Leverage Anypoint Platform’s various offerings for easy and future-proof big data integration

Bridge skill gap and build real-time architectures for your big data integration projects - download the whitepaper today.