MuleSoft Guide to RPA

A look into the features of MuleSoft RPA

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Business teams are often faced with many repetitive tasks that previously could only be completed with manual labor. With the rise of business automation solutions like RPA, these tasks can be automated with bots.  
While typical RPA solutions focus on supporting task automation, organizations are looking for an RPA solution that fully supports multi-step workflows and processes — and can work alongside your iPaaS and API management solutions. That’s where MuleSoft RPA comes in. 
In this paper you will learn more about the three key features of MuleSoft RPA: 

  • MuleSoft RPA Recorder captures user actions on screen and creates the click-path documentation and the model. This allows your teams to update process documentation quickly and efficiently, all while simplifying your process management.  
  • Intelligent Recognition in MuleSoft RPA is the advanced and patented image recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) technology that helps companies automate all processes.  
  • The benefits of a centralized platform for RPA lifecycle phases, from the evaluation phase to scaling and changes.