Easy RPA Design

How MuleSoft RPA helps business teams

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Enable everyone within your organization to automate processes, even those without coding experience. A no-code approach enables IT and non-technical business teams to quickly automate digital processes. The more employees automate, the faster and more sustainably you’ll be able to develop company-wide innovation. Empowering everyone with RPA means that IT teams can focus on high-priority tasks and governance rather than developing automations for business teams from scratch. 

In this paper, you will learn about the four key benefits of a no code RPA solution.  

  • Independence — After one quick training session, business teams can self-serve automations seamlessly alongside IT teams.  
  • Acceleration — Your projects are delivered faster thanks to pre-built templates and access to MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange. 
  • Flexibility — Digital environments and business goals are constantly changing, and MuleSoft RPA can easily be scaled as an API. 
  • Quick Adoption — Since there are no steep learning curves, everyone can contribute to innovation quickly.