Deliver zero message loss environments that scale

A guide to cloud messaging with Anypoint MQ and Anypoint Platform

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Most enterprises need to change the way they operate, which is driven by two challenges. The first is that customers are demanding that everything be always on and always mobile, and second, that every part of the business wants to use technology. This puts the enterprise under tremendous pressure to unlock their data and processes to deliver new consumer apps, open new digital channels, and to ensure connectivity between technology investment inside and outside the enterprise. Increasingly, organizations must act in real time to connect with employees, partners, and customers.

Messaging plays a critical role in making these connections and has become a critical pattern in most enterprise architectures. Until now, most messaging has been driven by on-premises technology requirements. As connectivity moves more to the cloud, the ability to deliver messaging patterns in the cloud and connect services and applications located globally with zero message loss reliability becomes increasingly important.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why messaging is increasingly important to enterprise IT architecture
  • Why cloud messaging is a solution to real-time connectivity challenges
  • How Anypoint MQ, MuleSoft’s new cloud-based messaging solution, creates positive business outcomes
  • A case study of how one major company created a reliable consumer experience with Anypoint MQ