The state of digital transformation for communications, media, and technology

Insights from the Connectivity Benchmark Report

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The communications, media, and technology sector was forced to accelerate its digital transformation efforts in response to the pandemic. Companies needed to deliver a seamlessly personalized customer experience to drive sales and maintain loyalty. Now, the pressure is on to digitally transform and adapt to increasing customer expectations – or risk falling behind to competitors.

The Connectivity Benchmark Report looks at the impact of failing to complete digital transformation projects, the challenges IT teams face integrating user experiences, and how API-led connectivity can drive business value. Take a look at the data through a communications, media, and technology lens to see how digital transformation has become a critical driver in delivering personalized customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Download the report to uncover:

  • What the biggest integration challenges are for communications, media, and technology organizations.
  • The cost of failing to build seamless, personalized experiences for customers.
  • How APIs are delivering value through increased productivity and innovation.