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Jing Li
Director, Product Management, MuleSoft


Business teams are often faced with manual, repetitive tasks that are error-prone and take significant time to complete. MuleSoft RPA replaces these tasks with bots that can process documents, enter data, or take actions on the user’s behalf — all without code.

This demo showcases Rocket Mortgage, which has transformed its business processes with MuleSoft RPA and Composer to create end-to-end automation that empowers its business teams and reduces IT workload.

Please note, some of the features showcased in this demo are visionary and please refer to Salesforce’s Forward Looking Statements before making any purchasing decisions.

Stephen (00:05): Rocket Mortgage has blasted through the stratosphere by keeping the customer in the center of everything. So, let's take a look how they bring the customer 360 to life by welcoming to the stage, Ashley Simons, senior product manager.

Ashley Simons (00:24): Thanks, Steohen. But as we all know, it takes a village to put together a demo. So, let's give a shout out to our demo driver, Jimil. Real talk, though. I hate repetitive tasks. And for me as a product manager, that repetitive task is updating the status of an upcoming feature. I update it in Jira, I update it in a spreadsheet for support. Leadership wants an update, I put it in an email. I reply to a Slack from a field rep. I would love to get that time back and spend it on higher value work. So, what is it for you? As we just saw, Rocket Mortgage is solving this problem. With our automation solution, they will be able to eliminate these manual tasks.

Ashley Simons (01:22): We're going to look at a visionary demo of how MuleSoft RPA GA-ing in just one month, works together with Composer to automate processes, reduce manual work, and in turn, create connected customer experiences, in this case, with Financial Services Cloud. So, let me introduce you to Amy. Amy runs a nonprofit called Sprout, and Sprout's mission is to help farming communities in developing countries improve their crop yield. But like many of us, Amy has been working from home for these past two years and she could use a larger office space. So, she's been working with her trusted relationship manager, David, over at Rocket Mortgage to try to secure a loan for that new office space.

Ashley Simons (02:10): But Amy has a busy few weeks ahead. She does not have time to meet with David in person. Sound familiar? So, instead, she emails him that loan application document for his review. Normally, David would need to review each document individually and then enter all of that relevant information into various systems of record. Think about that. He needs to review her bank statements, her credit scores, her personal information. That's time consuming, it's manual, and it's error prone. Which means, anyone, anyone? That means it's ripe for automation. Thanks to MuleSoft RPA, this automated data extraction can accelerate this process with the highest level of accuracy. And with Composer, it can enter that information into Amy's case already in Financial Services Cloud.

Ashley Simons (03:07): Behind the scenes, a Composer flow is triggered as soon as David receives that email from Amy. Composer then passes that attachment to an RPA process. And that uses OCR technology to extract the text from the PDF, and it can then pass that information into Financial Services Cloud into that case. And just like that, that email, those attachments, that's now usable data and it's ready to be validated. And the business team was empowered by IT to build this event based process automation, without writing a single line of code and while maintaining compliance to company data standards. And David, he was the key beneficiary. But like Steven mentioned earlier, they can also connect to their favorite non-Salesforce systems, like NetSuite, Jira, Google Sheets, more.

Ashley Simons (04:06): But the power of automation, it doesn't stop there, because it's this point in that loan application process that Amy's documents need to be validated against her existing information, but it's in those hard to reach systems. Luckily, RPA processes are able to extract her data from the core banking platform and the customer data mainframe. And once that data has been extracted and the know your customer team has validated her identity, she gets an automated email sent with that Gmail connector in Composer, letting her know that our application, it's been approved. But our story is not quite done, because RPA processes can also enter information into those hard to reach systems. And so, once her application has been approved, it can enter the account data into the payment system to make the funds available.

Ashley Simons (05:04): And Amy, she now has the capital she needs to buy herself that dream home, larger office space, no kids running around, and she's able to continue the great work that she and her team at Sprout are doing. Automation, it has the power to transform both your employee like David and your end user like Amy's experiences. And there were three key wins here, efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience. Those employees, they're way more productive. They're spending time on high value work. The data's more accurate, it was automated, it wasn't entered manually, and it's the customer who wins. So, how do you win with automation? It's by empowering your business teams to work with speed and accuracy, while maintaining compliance. It's true end to end automation, that's how.

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