Solutions for the UK Public Sector

Government mandates for digital-by-default and cloud services are requiring a re-evaluation of their approach to connectivity. MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform™ addresses public sector challenges with a comprehensive API-led solution.

Lower budgets, higher expectations

Public bodies are challenged with bringing about cloud-centric digital transformation despite IT budgets that have been crippled by austerity measures. MuleSoft partners with agencies to rapidly modernize their legacy systems and enable bi-modal IT, so that they can securely and effectively deliver better services to citizens and stakeholders while lowering costs.


A true integration platform for the public sector

Increase developer efficiency

Connect across legacy on-premise and cloud applications with an agile layer that leverages existing SOA investments. 

Drive citizen engagement

Engage with citizens across web and mobile devices to build closer relationships and a more responsive government. 

Enable open government

Create shared systems, technology, and processes that lower costs and improve service.