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Create an API-led architecture

Change the way your business operates by creating an ecosystem of APIs that unlocks all of your applications, data, and devices. Build your API-led architecture faster with MuleSoft.

  • Define your API strategy with MuleSoft’s proven blueprint
  • Create and validate API specifications, then implement them with prebuilt components, not custom code
  • Run, scale, and measure the success of your API programs
  • Engage your API consumers with a customizable portal

Get the step-by-step blueprint to building an API ecosystem.

Drive development consistency

Establish development and security best practices from the start — so that your team always builds with consistency. 

  • Build then publish connectors, APIs, templates, and examples to your central library in Anypoint Exchange™
  • Collaborate with team members and improve developer quality by rating and leaving feedback on the APIs, connectors, and integration assets that other teams build 
  • Apply standardized security using out-of-the-box and custom API policies

Learn more about Anypoint Exchange and Anypoint Security.

Respond faster to increasing complexity

Meet emerging needs — from new channels and technologies to tighter security and more partners — at increasingly faster development speeds.

  • Make all of your apps, data, and devices available as pluggable services in an application network
  • With every project, unlock more pluggable services on your network — from legacy and on-premises systems to cloud apps and microservices — enabling your team to develop faster with each project 
  • Ensure a future-proof foundation with a flexible, plug-and-play architecture 

See the application network in action.

Accelerate IT and business success

Start building an API-led architecture and driving best practices with MuleSoft’s guidance and proprietary framework that has been proven by working with thousands of teams. 

  • Create a Center for Enablement — a cross-functional team designed to align technology and business strategy
  • Eliminate IT bottlenecks by building reusable APIs, connectors, and assets in a decentralized manner
  • Use an outcomes-based delivery approach to improve business objectives, organizational enablement, and technology delivery

Get a step-by-step guide on creating a Center for Enablement.

What does building an API-led architecture look like in practice?

Let’s say you’re building a mobile app. Here’s how it would work.

1. Unlock data from your systems

Create System APIs that access data from core systems of record — from SaaS apps and mainframes to databases and legacy systems. Once built, teams can access data easily, without the need to understand the underlying systems.

2. Compose data into processes

Build Process APIs that consume and orchestrate data exposed by System APIs, and represent common business processes. Take, for example, a Shipment API that pulls data from UPS, FedEx, and other shipping services.

3. Launch your experiences

Develop Experience APIs to transform data and services in a way that allows their intended audience to consume them. These APIs are designed with developers in mind and abstract the underlying data from the complexity of downstream systems.

4. Reuse and build faster

Building another mobile app or a new project? Discover and reuse existing APIs in your ecosystem to build new products and services faster and more easily.  

Delivering IT and business outcomes for thousands of customers

Get a 445% return on your investment and launch business initiatives 4X faster

300% higher developer productivity

99.99% uptime

40% more scalability


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