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Advanced security for your APIs and integrations to protect sensitive data and stop threats at the edge

Establish smart, secure perimeters

Define threat-blocking Edge gateways that harden over time through feedback loops.

Protect sensitive data

Automatically detect and tokenize sensitive data in transit to ensure confidentiality. 

Embed security by default

Enforce global policies, apply best practices across the API lifecycle, and monitor for compliance.

What you can do with Anypoint Security

MuleSoft Edge Security

Edge security

Construct layers of defense with rapidly configured, enterprise-grade Edge gateways. Prevent denial of service (DoS), content, and OWASP Top 10 attacks using policy-driven chokepoints that can be deployed in minutes.

Automatic hardening

Get seamless integration between Edge and API gateways, which automatically detect API attacks, escalates them to the perimeter, and updates protections to eliminate vulnerabilities. Enhance security with a learning system that adapts as new threats emerge.

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Sensitive information detection

Get alerts when sensitive information — such as PII, PHI and credit card data — is in API payloads. Streamline auditing and governance with prebuilt monitoring dashboards.

Automatic tokenization

Meet compliance requirements faster with a simple, format-preserving tokenization service that protects sensitive data while supporting downstream dependencies 

MuleSoft Security Protect Sensitive
MuleSoft security profile response

Automated policies

Enforce standardized policies across environments, audit deployed policies for compliance, and bridge the gap between security and DevOps teams by empowering API owners to detect out-of-process changes and correct violations.

Standardize access

Establish standard API patterns for authentication and authorization and make patterns available as fragments to promote reuse instead of writing new, potentially insecure code.

James Patterson CIO, New South Wales Health Pathology

“As the largest public pathology provider here in Australia, we rely on massive clinical and non-clinical IT infrastructure to deliver essential health services. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform allows us to reliably, securely, and confidently transmit sensitive patient data to where it’s needed.”

James Patterson
CIO, New South Wales Health Pathology

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