Partner Series: MuleSoft Industry Overviews, Financial Services

Partner Series: MuleSoft Industry Overviews, Financial Services

Despite financial services companies being data-rich, they are often not data-centric. Some estimates say only a quarter of lenders are making the most of their data to enhance products, customer experience, or operations.

Join this webinar to understand how building a connectivity strategy will be a key catalyst to your financial services customers in progressing their initiatives. The webinar will cover MuleSoft's point of view in the financial services industry, a demo of using pre-built connectors for a PPP loan use case, and a customer story from Truist Bank.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about how MuleSoft fits the needs of lending customers
  • Hear from the CIO of Truist Bank about the benefits of an API-led approach
  • Watch a demo of MuleSoft's pre-built APIs to meet lenders needs


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