Salesforce's commitment to MuleSoft's roadmap and vision

"Our customers demand that we work with every company, so of course neutrality is critical to both of our future strategies. The base has to be connecting to everything, no bias."

Marc Benioff, CEO

"One of the things that's so important as part of this acquisition is that we keep MuleSoft as an independent entity that runs integrations for everything, whether it's Salesforce or not."

Parker Harris, Co-founder

“With MuleSoft, you can integrate every system, every device, and every data source. And that means you have to go wherever your systems are, on-prem, on mobile devices, everywhere. So we are extremely committed to the neutrality of the MuleSoft platform.”

Bret Taylor, Chief Product Officer

Bringing innovation to our customers no matter where their data is

“MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform gives us the flexibility and agility to connect our consumer-facing services across public and private clouds in an application network that can adapt to the fast-moving needs of our business.”

Bob Strudwick, CTO

“MuleSoft enables Splunk to orchestrate across multiple cloud services in a matter of weeks versus months. We are accelerating our business by leveraging their continuous innovation.” 

Declan Morris, CIO

“Anypoint Platform allows us to rapidly unlock the data in our legacy platforms. We can use the data to optimize our manufacturing and supply chain processes, and ultimately optimize our aircraft.”

Chris Taylor, VP Digital Accelerator

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