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API Program Workshops

Get started on your organization's API-enabled digital transformation with day-long, in-depth workshops that cover key API program focus areas — from establishing a digital strategy to evaluating and building supporting technologies.

Available workshops


Establish a digital strategy: API-enabled digital strategy workshop

Who is this for? Business leaders, digital teams, enterprise IT leaders

What topics are covered?

  • Defining an API strategy
  • Reimagining customer experiences
  • Launching a successful API program
  • Governing API program 


Align organization and culture: “Way of the API” workshop

Who is this for? IT leaders, software architects, lead developers, digital teams

What topics are covered?

  • Dealing with enterprise complexity
  • Developing an API-led organization
  • Adopting software delivery best practices
  • Implementing API-led software system design, including DDD and microservices


Evaluate and build supporting technology: API foundation workshop

Who is this for? Enterprise architects, infrastructure architects, security architects

What topics are covered?

  • Surveying the API technology landscape
  • Assessing technology capabilities for API management
  • Securing APIs
  • Applying the right API standards and guidelines 


Engage the ecosystem: APIs as products workshop 

Who is this for? API product managers, digital teams, cross-functional API teams

What topics are covered?

  • Applying digital product thinking
  • Building developer communities
  • Enabling developer productivity
  • Co-creating value with API collaboration


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