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Automate any process for any team

Capture and automate your workflows instantly – whether through a UI, document or image – with point-and-click tools

Collaborate on a secure, trusted platform

Empower business and IT teams to collaborate with ease and break silos on every step of your automation journey

Scale end-to-end automation

Reuse and compose RPA securely with Anypoint Platform, Composer, and Salesforce Customer 360

MuleSoft RPA: End-to-end automation for data entry and retrieval in legacy, modern apps.

Automation for every process

Connect and automate your business.

Purpose-built for every team, MuleSoft RPA eliminates manual tasks and processes – from simple to advanced automations.

Seamlessly integrated with Anypoint Platform and Composer, MuleSoft RPA delivers intelligent automation anywhere and achieves end-to-end automation at scale.

  • Automate data entry and data retrieval in legacy and modern applications
  • Extract data from documents, web pages, emails, spreadsheets, and more
  • Intelligently recognize and extract texts from images and screens
  • Orchestrate complex multi-step, multi-system workflows

Automation for every team

Unleash productivity with measurable ROI.

Automate routine workflows at speed and scale anywhere across your business, saving your time spent on large and small processes.

Bridge the automation gap within your control.

Securely unlock more systems and create extensive integrations, while maintaining governance throughout the RPA lifecycle.

MuleSoft RPA automation for business and IT teams
MuleSoft RPA automation for financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and manufacturing

Automation for every industry

Financial Services.

Streamline your compliance, customer service, and reporting processes while reducing risk exposure and making it easier to access and update data across systems, documents, databases, and more.

Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Simplify the process for both insurers and providers with streamlined claim processing and chart management, and improve the patient experience with automated reminders.


Increase the efficiency of your ERP processes and the management of your bill of materials through automatic charge alerts, real-time analytics, and audit-ready reports.

MuleSoft RPA automation for Salesforce Flow

Automation for Customer 360

Bring automation to all your customer moments.

Fully integrated with Salesforce Clouds, MuleSoft RPA enables admins, business teams, and developers to leverage robotic process automation technology to bring in data or act from any legacy system, making end-to-end automation of every step in a workflow possible.

Explore Salesforce flow

End-to-end lifecycle and project management with MuleSoft RPA.

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Evaluate processes

MuleSoft RPA Manager empowers you to identify the most impactful process to automate based on measurable outcomes.

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Design with ease

MuleSoft RPA Recorder accelerates process design and automatically transforms your workflows to process maps in the RPA Manager.

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Build with confidence

MuleSoft RPA Builder enables developers to configure and implement RPA processes with diverse, easy to-use tool box and templates.

Startup environment

Test, run, and scale

MuleSoft RPA Bots keep your automated process running robustly and reliably, while allowing you to scale with speed.

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