Manage APIs and users, analyze traffic, monitor SLAs, fix underlying integration flows, and more using a single web interface.

Hybrid management

Deploy to MuleSoft’s cloud infrastructure — CloudHub — your private cloud, or on-premises using a single interface.

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Full lifecycle API management

Generate API proxies, set throttling and rate-limiting, auto deploy API gateways, and apply prebuilt or custom policies to ensure high performance and control.

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Actionable visibility

Monitor performance in real-time and speed up root-cause analysis with dependency mapping, customizable alerts, dashboards, and log data.

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What you can do with Anypoint Management Center

Map APIs and dependencies

Gain a holistic view of the health of your application network using Anypoint Visualizer. Visualizer provides a graphical view of all your APIs and integrations and how they are connected.

Organize APIs and filter the views

Classify APIs and applications into system, process and experience layers, to ensure your architecture is following best practices. Filter the view of your application network based on the environment, failures, average response time, and more.

Monitor performance proactively

Set up status alerts on the performance of your applications and APIs. Know when batches are stuck in process, when servers disconnect, or when API metrics fluctuate, and adjust resources proactively.

Personalize your monitoring

Create reports to track key performance metrics for your APIs and integrations, API programs, and more. Connect to third-party systems such as Splunk and SumoLogic for a single view of the health of your applications, APIs, and systems.

Troubleshoot rapidly

Reduce the mean time to resolution and drill into dashboards or logs to quickly identify issues and troubleshoot.

Control access

Apply API policies automatically to provide employees, partners, and customers with controlled access to data. 

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