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It all began with a vision in a tiny office in Mountain View, California. In 2007, a fundamentally new business model was born. One where companies of all sizes would offer broad libraries of services via subscriptions, and one that would challenge the manufacturing economy by shifting the focus to delivering services instead of products. The Subscription Economy.

Since then, Zuora has been enabling the Subscription Economy by building the next generation commerce platform. By attracting hundreds of customers, Zuora's subscription management software has enabled 21st century businesses around the world from startups to enterprises in any industry to launch and monetize any subscription products and services.

Defined by our rapid pace of product innovation and our relentless commitment to customer success Zuora has fostered a loyal customer community -- each, in their own way, driving the Subscription Economy. Zuora has become the global leader in subscription commerce and billing, helping companies in every industry transition to the Subscription Economy. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies alike use Zuora’s multi-tenant cloud platform to launch, scale, and monetize their subscription services. Zuora's applications help subscription businesses with pricing, quoting, orders, billing, payments, and renewals.

Launch and scale any subscription service with:

Subscription Commerce
Subscription Commerce Meets CRM. Access all your customers' subscription and billing information directly in Salesforce CRM.

Subscription Billing
Complete Billing & Payments. Z-Billing is the world's first recurring billing platform designed for subscription businesses of all sizes across any industry.

Subscription Finance
Subscription financials made easy. With Zuora, it's easy to simplify subscription finance from quote to cash to renewal.