W3Partnership have 9 years history of delivering Integration Projects and Solutions. We have expertise and assets that cover a large number of Integration Senario's. Our main verticals are Government and Retail, but we have also worked in Financial Services, Distributions and Media.


W3Partnership Limited

W3Partnership provides technology, skills and assets that help organizations large or small effectively share their applications & data both within the enterprise and externally. We provide expert services associated with delivering integration projects, specialising in assisting customers build a secure, robust Integration platform for their internal or mobile requirements. We are specialist in both open source and commercially available products having worked with leading integration platforms for Digital Delivery.

Our specialist veriticals are Government and Retail, where we have a number of reference sites.

We currently have teams working at Office Depot using the MuleSoft Anypoint platform and we are working on a number of opportunities with the Government and Commercial teams.

Company Overview

Countries Netherlands, United Kingdom
Type Reseller
Headquarters Theale, England
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