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Volante Technologies

Financial Institutions are constantly facing the never-ending challenge of adopting new standards and maintaining existing ones in order to communicate with their peers around the globe. Our connector will give MuleSoft customers access to Volante Designer with its vast library of standards plugins and transformations which will enable them to quickly and easily transform heterogeneous data services and standards with the added functionalities of parsing, validating routing and enriching the financial messages produced. Using model driven code generation Volante Designer can be used to rapidly build and deploy these message flows with minimal coding requirement thus removing most of the complexity and delay usually associated with such projects. The result is much quicker time to market and revenue.

Company overview

Since 2001, Volante has been focused on addressing the challenges of financial message integration and payments onboarding, processing and orchestration. We serve over 80 financial institutions and corporates in 26 countries by providing them with the agility they need to be competitive and thrive in the new digital payments age. Our VolPay suite of payments products, our time proven Volante Designer development platform and our library of 330+ international and domestic standards plugins and transformations, including the Volante Connector for MuleSoft, enable projects involving payment flow, onboarding, integration and processing to be completed in months not years or weeks not months while insulating core systems from change.


Financial services